Taiwan Economic Indicators

Shares of world totals

Percent of world oil reserves

International transactions


FDI Confidence Index

Infrastructure and transport

Air transport infrastructure quality

Roads quality

Railroad infrastructure quality

Port infrastructure quality

Mobile network coverage

Internet bandwidth

Commercial vehicle sales

Passenger car sales

Banking system access

Percent people with debit cards

Percent people with credit cards

Banking system stability

Banking system z-scores

Liquid assets to deposits

Banking system efficiency

Net interest margin

Overhead cost

Return on assets

Return on equity

Non-interest income to total income

Bank cost to income ratio

Stock market

Stock market access for smaller firms

Stock market activity for smaller firms

Insurance, non-banks and pensions

Life insurance volume

Non-life insurance premium volume


Corporate tax rate

Personal income tax rate

Indirect tax rate

Governance and political system

Rule of law

Government effectiveness

Control of corruption

Regulatory quality

Voice and accountability

Political stability

Corruption perceptions - Transparency International

Political rights

Civil liberties

Economic freedom

Property rights

Freedom from corruption

Fiscal freedom

Business freedom

Labor freedom

Monetary freedom

Trade freedom

Investment freedom

Financial freedom

Economic freedom, overall index

Country risk

Political risk, short-term

Political risk, long-term

Transactions risk

Transfer risk

Expropriation risk

War risk

Industry: Oil, coal, and electricity

Oil reserves

Oil production

Gasoline production

Jet fuel production

LPG production

Oil consumption

Gasoline consumption

Jet fuel consumption

LPG consumption

Coal production

Coal consumption

Coal imports

Coal exports

Electricity production

Nuclear power generation

Hydroelectricity generation

Electricity consumption

Electricity production capacity

Renewable power generation

Renewable power consumption


Homicide rate