Gibraltar Economic Indicators

Shares of world totals

Percent of world population

Percent of world FDI

International transactions

Terms of trade

Foreign Direct Investment, billion dollars

Infrastructure and transport

Internet users

Internet subscribers

Internet subscribers, per 100 people

Mobile phone subscribers

Mobile phone subscribers, per 100 people

Energy and environment

Energy use per capita

Share of clean energy

Electricity from renewable sources, kWh

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per capita

Energy imports

Access to electricity


Rural population, percent


Corporate tax rate

Personal income tax rate

Indirect tax rate


Student teacher ratio, primary school

School starting age, primary school

Trained teachers in primary education

Country risk

Political risk, short-term

Political risk, long-term

Transactions risk

Transfer risk

Expropriation risk

War risk

Industry: Oil, coal, and electricity

Gasoline production

Jet fuel production

LPG production

Oil consumption

Gasoline consumption

Jet fuel consumption

Electricity production

Electricity consumption

Electricity production capacity

Electricity exports

Renewable power consumption