Aruba Economic Indicators

Main economic indicators

Economic growth

GDP, current U.S. dollars

GDP, constant dollars

GDP per capita, current dollars

GDP per capita, PPP

GDP per capita, constant dollars


Capital investment, percent of GDP

Capital investment, in dollars

Household consumption, percent of GDP

Household consumption, in dollars

Government spending, percent of GDP

Government spending, in dollars

Share of industry

Share of manufacturing

Share of services

Industry value added

Manufacturing value added

Services value added

Shares of world totals

Percent of world population

Percent of world GDP

Percent of world exports

Percent of world imports

Percent of world FDI

International transactions

Dollar exchange rate

Terms of trade

Trade openness

Exports, percent of GDP

Exports, in dollars

Imports, percent of GDP

Imports, in dollars

Foreign Direct Investment, percent of GDP

Foreign Direct Investment, billion dollars

Portfolio investment inflows, equities

Current account, percent of GDP

Current account, in dollars

Trade balance, percent of GDP

Trade balance, in dollars


Remittances, percent of GDP


Labor force

Age dependency ratio

Infrastructure and transport

Internet users

Internet subscribers

Internet subscribers, per 100 people

Mobile phone subscribers

Mobile phone subscribers, per 100 people

Port traffic

Energy and environment

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per capita

Natural resources income

Access to electricity


Forest area, percent

Percent agricultural land

Employment in agriculture

GDP share of agriculture

Agriculture value added

Agriculture productivity

Agricultural land

Arable land, percent of land area

Forest area,

Rural population, percent

Banking system access

ATM machines per 100,000 people

Bank branches per 100,000 people

Banking system stability

Banking system z-scores

Bank credit to deposits

Liquid assets to deposits

Banking system efficiency

Net interest margin

Overhead cost

Return on assets

Return on equity

Lending-deposit interest rate spread

Non-interest income to total income

Bank cost to income ratio

Banking system depth

Bank credit to the private sector

Bank credit to government

Bank assets to GDP

Liquid liabilities, percent of GDP

Domestic credit to the private sector

Financial system deposits, percent of GDP

Banking system: other indicators

Lending interest rate

Real interest rate

Insurance, non-banks and pensions

Life insurance volume

Non-life insurance premium volume


Information technology exports

High tech exports

High tech exports, percent of manufactured exports

Patent applications by residents


Corporate tax rate

Personal income tax rate

Indirect tax rate

Governance and political system

Rule of law

Government effectiveness

Control of corruption

Regulatory quality

Voice and accountability

Political stability


Life expectancy

Birth rate

Death rate

Fertility rate


Access to drinking water, rural

Access to drinking water, urban


Education spending, percent of GDP

Education spending, percent of government spending

Literacy rate

Female literacy rate, ages 15-24

Male literacy rate, ages 15-24

Youth literacy rate, ages 15-24

Student teacher ratio, primary school

Primary school completion rate

School starting age, primary school

Female to male ratio, primary school pupils

Female to male ratio, secondary school students

Female to male ratio, students at tertiary level education

Preprimary school enrollment

Primary school enrollment

Secondary school enrollment

Tertiary school enrollment

Trained teachers in primary education


Overall globalization

Political globalization

Social globalization

Country risk

Political risk, short-term

Political risk, long-term

Transactions risk

Transfer risk

Expropriation risk

War risk

Industry: Oil, coal, and electricity

Oil production

Gasoline production

Jet fuel production

LPG production

Oil consumption

Gasoline consumption

Jet fuel consumption

LPG consumption

Electricity production

Electricity consumption

Electricity production capacity

Renewable power generation

Renewable power consumption